ANA Enters Codeshare Deals With PAL

1 October 2014

Tokyo - All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Philippine Airlines (PAL) announced Wednesday that they have agreed to establish commercial partnership between points in Tokyo and Manila as well as domestic services for both countries.

Both companies will sell tickets for all the code-sharing flights, including those operated by the other company.

Passengers on code-sharing flights will be able to take Philippine Airline's shuttle buses linking terminals 2 and 3 at NAIA.

Both airline advise travelers a two hour layover time to connect and move between NAIA terminals using the airport shuttles.

The codeshare agreement commences on 26 October 2014. In the agreement, ANA will codeshare on all Philippine Airlines-operated services to Japan and Philippine domestic services while PAL will also codeshare on ANA services to and from Japan as well as its domestic services.

ANA and PAL will jointly have access to 37 routes in Japan and the Philippines.

Codeshare routes are as follows:

ANA operated by Philippine Airlines
Cebu – Tokyo Narita
Manila – Bacolod
Manila – Caticlan
Manila – Cebu
Manila – Davao
Manila – Dumaguete
Manila – Fukuoka
Manila – Kalibo
Manila – Laoag
Manila – Nagoya
Manila – Osaka Kansai
Manila – Puerto Princesa
Manila – Tacloban
Manila – Tagbilaran
Manila – Tokyo Haneda
Manila – Tokyo Narita

Philippine Airlines operated by ANA
Fukuoka – Komatsu
Fukuoka – Miyazaki
Fukuoka – Okinawa
Fukuoka – Osaka Itami
Fukuoka – Sendai
Nagoya – Miyazaki
Nagoya – Sapporo
Nagoya – Sendai
Tokyo Haneda – Iwakuni
Tokyo Haneda – Kagoshima
Tokyo Haneda – Kumamoto
Tokyo Haneda – Manila
Tokyo Haneda – Miyazaki
Tokyo Haneda – Nagasaki
Tokyo Haneda – Osaka Itami
Tokyo Haneda – Sapporo
Tokyo Haneda – Tokushima
Tokyo Narita – Komatsu
Tokyo Narita – Manila
Tokyo Narita – Niigata
Tokyo Narita – Osaka Itami
Tokyo Narita – Sapporo
Tokyo Narita – Sendai 

Earlier PAL entered similar deals with Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi for reciprocal joint services.


  1. may be ANA can be a mentor to PAL to enter Star Alliance. PAL is one of the few non alligned carrier............again MAYBE

  2. COOOOOOL! Imagine an ANA B788 or B789 from Manila to Bacolod!

    1. It doesnt mean that an ANA B788 will fly to bacolod. ANA can sell philippine domestic fights using PAL Airplanes and landing rights.

  3. You won't see an ANA 787 in Bacolod anytime soon. First, the runway's too short. Second, a code-share means ANA can tell tickets to Bacolod but it will be operated by PAL Express.

  4. Its just like KE/JL codeshare that the two airlines are not in the same alliance but they are codesharing their flights like for example are the Korea-Japan Flights.

  5. Philippine Airlines is gonna join Oneworld but their code share still will be kept. Like US Airways in Star Alliance which works codeshare with United Continental but still code share with JetBlue.