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8 October 2014
CAAP Engineers coordinate with Airbus and Emirates representatives on A380 docking procedure at NAIA Terminal 3

Emirates Airlines (UAE) successfully tested its Airbus A380-800 plane at its new home in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal 3 last night for future flight operations of the said aircraft at the terminal.

NAIA is one of the world's airports certified by Airbus to be capable of handling the A380 in 2006. Probing flight was made by the frame maker upon the request of UAE for future operations. 

Flight testing of the said aircraft followed in 11 October 2007 with Terminal 1 as the docking station. Two gates were approved by Philippine aviation regulators at Terminal 1 where future A380 operators resides. Docking approval carries with it requirements for construction of a new aerobridge. 

First A380 flight to Manila was made on 29 April 2012 by Qantas (VH-OQD) for maintenance checks at Lufthansa Tecknik (LTP), while Emirates A380 (A6-EEY ) became the first revenue flight. The flight was also piloted by Filipino captain, Franklin Desiderio, becoming the first Filipino pilot to fly the A380.

While Terminal 3 is designed to handle the A380 no certification was made for both Terminal 2 and 3 for the operation of the said aircraft other than Terminal 1. 

Ground and Services Certification for Terminal 3 was completed last night by Airbus and CAAP engineers amidst funfare at the terminal. No major changes was made to taxi operations other than restriction on runway 13-31 use when wide-body aircraft is on taxiway delta.

First revenue flight of the A380 was made on 25 October 2007 by Singapore Airlines.

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