Extra Bilateral

Emirates 3rd Flight Legal

2 December 2014

The grant of temporary rights to Emirates Airlines is legal.

Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) Executive Director Carmelo L. Arcilla said Tuesday that they are empowered by law to grant temporary rights to airlines operating in excess capacity.

“There is such a thing as extra-bilateral rights, which are temporary rights.” says Arcilla.

The extra-bilateral rights allowed by law is limited to 30 days, but can be extended for another 30 days when warranted by the situation.

Emirates Airlines has been operating between Manila and Dubai beyond its allowable capacity of only 14 times a week since October after the Board denied with finality the code-share arrangement with flag carrier Philippine Airlines upon the complaint of Cebu Pacific. A separate motion was filed by the carrier to temporarily utilize the frequencies of PAL until March 2015 but the Board also denied the airlines request.

The Gulf carrier has since then filed a motion for reconsideration, which has yet to be heard on December 11, and for that reason the Board extended Emirates’ third flight operations until December 26 according to Arcilla.

“We decided to extend just to prevent the disruption of services,” Arcilla said.

Arcilla pointed out that they will still hear the opposition of local airlines on December 11, which could mean that Emirates third flight to Manila could end up to December 26 only, or they could fly to Clark or Cebu instead.

Talks for expansion of Air Service Agreement (ASA) between the United Arab Emirates UAE) and the Philippines is scheduled on February next year but this early the local airlines has manifested already that they are opposing such move by Emirates Airlines saying that traffic between Dubai and Manila is more than enough at this time. The Dubai based airline is requesting 14 more entitlements between Manila and Dubai.


  1. Not only for emirates, also pal express and cebu pacific .many wants to go home for xmas and it seems nobody care about comfort and amenities as long there are vacant seats available and go home asap...merry xmas!

  2. If the 3rd Flight of Emirates to Manila is Legal or On Board how come PAL and Ceb are complaining about it... Can anyone at CAAP Explain ....

  3. that 3rd flight as originally the codeshare flight between PR and EK using the 7 entitlements of PR... in October, the CAB stopped said codeshare agreement, and ordered PR to use these 7 entitlements on its own flight, otherwise said entitlements will be given to 5J.

  4. CAAP screwed PAL over. First, they kick PAL's codeshare with EK into the dumspter. Now, they allow EK to retain that third flight which was originally a codeshare with PAL. Only that this time, PAL doesn't get a single centavo out of the revenues. Emirates, a foreign conqueror, wins everything. To whose interests does CAAP protect? The foreigner or the Filipino?

  5. All legacy carriers in Europe, USA & Australia are all agoinst the aggressive expansion of Emirates because of its inherent advantages like state subsidy & low cost fuel.Stop the additional flights. CAAP ano ang kapalit. Malalim ang bulsa nyan umorder nga ng 150 B777X.

  6. Why philippineflightnetwork.com, philippineairspace.blogspot.com, and airlinenewsphilippines.worldpress.com doesn't provide articles about Oman Air's inaugural flight in Manila?

    1. Desired information can be found here;


      And we have them posted 4 months in advance and way before the airline announced them officially. Are we late? Don't think so!

  7. CAAP cashing cashing Lang Yan ... Yan ang tawag sa matuwid na daan ...sa bagay people at CAAP don't need to go throught that logo Matuwid na daan since they say we deal with Sky walang daan doon cashing cashing don't give them bonuses since they already have it even before Christmas the only difference in the middle east they don't have Christmas

  8. People of integrity can always stand up and explain everything as soon as they know what they did is right specially when people question thier decisions or actions ��