Sangley Airport Groundwork Set For 2016

2 January 2015

Sangley International Airport is expected to take shape as early as 2016 when the government bids the first phase of the Mega Manila Airport Gateway Project.

Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya said the government will begin land reclamation needed to construct the four-runway hub in Sangley which will become the landmark project of the Aquino administration. 

According to Abaya, the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) is completing the pre-feasibility study on the reclamation component of the project which covers also the non-aviation part.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is submitting the complete feasibility study in June 2015 for approval by the Philippine government after which the Japanese government will finance the cost of construction slated for completion by 2025.

“Hopefully we can bring it up to NEDA by July for approval,” Abaya said.

The $10 billion airport project would be able to handle about 55 million passengers annually when it opens to the public in 2025 and can eventually be expanded to handle 130 million passengers yearly by 2050, according to JICA specifications.

According to a 2011 JICA study, annual passenger forecasts for the Greater Capital Region will rise from 49.8-million in 2020 to 75-million in 2030, shooting up to 106.7-million in 2040. Currently, NAIA handled 32.865 million passengers in 2013.


  1. Yehey.. So we have to just wait and do with the air traffic that we have now for another 10years., kudos Philippines. You always choose the solutions where in your officials can pocket the most money.

  2. by mid 2016 after the aquino admin has pocketed the money, the next admin will extort money again from the japanese bidders then if they will not give in then the project is cancelled

  3. Do it as early as you can. With this new airport, it will attract foreign airline companies and tourists.

  4. What If NAIA Will Be Moving To That New Airport Once It Is Completed By In the Near Future?