Ethiopian Flies Manila

10 February 2015

Begins Flight on June 27
After a long wait, Ethiopian Airlines is finally here as it sets to fly 3 weekly Addis Ababa – Bangkok – Manila service beginning June 27, 2015 using its brand new Boeing 787-800.

The first African Airline to Manila in many years will leave Addis Ababa at 12:40am arriving Bangkok at 11:20pm. It will then leave the Thai capital for the Philippines at 2:30pm arriving Manila at 7:00pm. Departure time to Bangkok and Addis Ababa is at 10:00pm arriving Bangkok at 12:25am the next day and will then leave at 1:35am arriving the Ethiopian capital 6:30am the next day.

The airline did not secure local traffic rights on Bangkok – Manila sector due to objections of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, but has unlimited traffic rights between Addis Ababa and intermediate points Bangkok if it flies to Cebu, Clark or Davao. You can see our earlier report here.


  1. Why should a Filipino fly to Ethiopia or some Ethiopian fly to the Philippines?
    Is there really some demand for this route?

  2. You don't basically fly to Ethiopia but use Addis Ababa as a transit point to the USA,Europe,Africa n middle east..

  3. Why shouldn't they? This will stimulate demand and competition as it may serve as transit point. Besides, it may serve as an opportunity for Filipinos to explore Africa and vice versa.