DoF waives ICCs For Aircraft, Parts Imports

23 March 2015
Mikhail Franz E. Flores

AIRLINES with congressional franchises have been exempted from the import clearance process for equipment, machinery and parts, the Department of Finance (DoF) said in an order, citing compelling public interest.

In Department Order no. 028-2015, airlines were the latest group to be exempted from securing the importers clearance certificate (ICC).

“Airline companies granted congressional franchises may be exempted from obtaining the importers clearance certificate from the Bureau of Internal Revenue” on specific importations of aircraft equipment, machinery and spare parts, on the basis of overriding and paramount public policy, public safety and public necessity considerations,” Department Order 28-2015 stated.

The companies, however, are still required to submit accreditation requirements covered by other regulations.

“Any availment of the exemption provided in this Order shall be accompanied by a certification from Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines on the necessity of the importation in view of public safety,” the order stated.

The Bureau of Customs (BoC) will submit a monthly report of all exemptions that have been allowed.

Last year, the DoF also exempted the Philipine Economic Zone Authority locators from the ICC requirement to promote trade facilitation.

The Finance department, on Feb. 6, 2014, issued Department Order 12-2014 requiring importers and brokers to secure a BIR Importer Clearance Certificate and a BIR-brokers clearance certificate as a requisite for accreditation with the BoC.

The new system aims to support the government’s goal of improving accountability and tax compliance.

Importers were originally given 90 days to comply with the new rule.

Of the 14,995 importers and brokers registered with the BoC client profile registration system before the July 31 deadline, 9,418 or 63% were able to comply.

However, it noted that only 11 or 0.1% of the total importers were able to beat the original May 21 deadline.

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