Philippines Get Back To Satellite Age

As New Philippine Orbital Satellite Slated For Launch

11 March 2015

The Philippines has announced that it will be launching the next generation satellite into orbit next year.

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) said the country will also send another micro satellite into orbit in 2017 to be carried into space by Japan Space Exploration Agency. The project has a price tag of 840 million pesos, 500 million pesos of which are funded by Japanese Universities.

The first micro satellite after 20 years will be named the Philippine Earth Data Resource and Observation or “PEDRO.” The next micro-satellite to be launch in 2017 will be nicknamed “Diwata.”

A data receiving station is slated to be put up in Subic at a former communications facility used by the United States of America.

Diwata will be used for disaster-mitigation efforts, agriculture, forest cover monitoring, among other possible applications while the first satellite is intended for security surveillance purposes.

Possible satellite applications are being coordinated by the University of the Philippines with technical and research support from the Hokkaido University and Tohoku University of Japan.

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