US Funds Surveilance Radar

3 May 2015

The United States of America has provided the Philippines $20 million for the installation of its National Coast Watch Center (NCWC) powered by Surveillance radar from Israel.

Massachusetts-based company Raytheon had been awarded a contract to design and construct a National Coast Watch Center by the Philippine government last July 2014.

US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg attended the inauguration of the NCWC last Tuesday, April 27.

“The center will provide critical information fusion and 24-hour operations to support enhanced awareness of the Philippines’ maritime domain. Future incremental improvements are planned to fully realize the potential of the center,” US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg said.

The maritime and aerial data is connected to the US military servers in Honululu, Guam and Okinawa.

The construction of the National Coast Watch Center is Raytheon’s first border security-related contract in Southeast Asia. The radar installation will be completed before July 31, 2015.

The completion of the project would enable the Philippines to tremendously improved its surveillance operations for security threats by tying together more than a dozen radar stations and sensors, as well as on board ship radrs of the Coast Guard, and to provide a more comprehensive picture of ships and vessels operating in or near Philippine waters.

“Maritime domain awareness is crucial for the Philippines as it increases its abilities to thwart smuggling, illegal fishing, other criminal activities as well as improving defense capacity,” the US Embassy noted.

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