PAL Orders B77W at Paris Air Show

19 June 2015

Le Bourget - Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) has secured orders for two Boeing 777-300ER planes valued at US$640 million at the Paris Air Show.

The plane orders will be financed lease from Intrepid Aviation. PAL currently operates six Boeing 777-300ER's all operated for transpacific flights. Two frames are leased from GECAS while one unit was recently sold by the airline to Intrepid Aviation.

The PAL order adds to the six 777-300ERs the flag carrier currently operates, including one leased by Intrepid Aviation. The additional aircraft will be delivered in the same 370-seat configuration but with upgraded seats and IFEs.

“Today we celebrate our growing partnership with Intrepid Aviation,” says Philippine Airlines President Jaime J. Bautista.

"These additional 777-300ERs will be used to expand flight services to the United States and Canada,” adds Bautista.

“We are very pleased to expand our relationship with Philippine Airlines and to provide them with such an outstanding airplane,” added Franklin Pray, Intrepid Aviation President and CEO.

Airline delivery of the Boeing plane is expected to be on the last quarter of 2016, while the second one is set for delivery on the first half of 2017.


  1. Hope this aircraft to be used for New York.

  2. I read from other sites, these aircraft would be used to make SFO and LAX all B777-300ER. Currently SFO and LAX still uses a mixture of B777/A340.

    Additionally, same article mentioned that Airbus A350-900 is being considered as the aircraft to be ordered soon, and this will be used for a non-stop MNL - JFK flight and possibly MNL - LHR.

    1. It wil take 3 B77W to make 2 daily rotations to LAX and another 3 to SFO. You can add 2 more for daily YVR flights. By that number it cannot even get YYZ covered by the twinjet.

      We reckon, as YYZ happens to be the best thing that ever happen to PAL since they expanded in North America, that they will be served by a triple seven in the interim.

      At this juncture, we can already see potential A350 direct destinations, i.e. JFK, YYZ and LHR.

      And yes, forget about the B787-A350 debate or the thrills that JJB want to impressed, a decision has already been made and the clue is that it has 9 seat abreast. We just don't want to spoil it. And CAPA got it right.

    2. LAX(112/113) and SFO(114/115) are only 4x a week is what I remember. So YYZ still gets a 77W

  3. Last quarter of 2016 and first half of 2017? Why that long? I thought Bautista said they were going to have them "soon"?

  4. I hope that PAL will open more North American routes to Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal, & restart Chicago.