Oshkosh In Action at DVO

14 September 2015

A Philippine Airlines (PAL) Airbus A321-200 aircraft (RP-C9919) made an emergency landing at the Davao International Airport Friday afternoon, September 11, after smoke alarm was triggered in the cockpit for a possible fire in its baggage compartment.

PAL flight PR-1814 left the Davao airport at 1:07 p.m. and was climbing through FL200 out of Davao's runway 23 when the crew received an aft cargo smoke indication. The pilot immediately called the Mactan control around 1:15 pm requesting for an emergency landing in Cebu, but the pilot was instead advised to turn back to Davao which is still the nearest airport with Cat 12 CRFs.

The plane was directed for priority landing at runway 23 at 1:33 pm about 30 minutes after departure. Attending emergency services found no trace of fire, smoke or heat in the aft cargo hold.

No one was reported injured in the evacuation of 131 passengers but one passenger passed out due to stress and was immediately brought to Davao Medical Center.

PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna said the affected passengers were re-accommodated on the next available flights to Manila.

The aircraft which had been parked at the old terminal for technical evaluation, assessment and investigation by PAL, and CAAP safety personnel has since flown back to Manila
. - Image courtesy Francis Magbanua

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