Seair's Jet To Turboprop Operations

CEBGO To Operate ATR's

5 October 2015

The current iteration of Southeast Asia Airlines, Cebgo (DG, Manila) has ceased jet operations with the return of its sole remaining A320-200 - RP-C3270 (cn 5320) - to parent airline Cebu Pacific Air.

Meanwhile, Cebu Pacific will likewise cease turboprop operations with its last ATR72-500 flight scheduled for today, October 5. Eight of the type are scheduled to be transferred to Cebgo tomorrow which intend to grow the fleet to 15 starting next year.

Cebu Pacific started transferring its turboprop route network to its subsidiary subsidiary last September 25 with the shift expected to be complete by the end of October.

Cebu Pacific and Tiger Air of Singapore earlier secured Singaporean anti-trust regulatory approval for their enhanced joint venture on flights between the Philippines and Singapore.

Under their original agreement filed in September of last year, the two carriers proposed jointly operating common routes between the two countries (Singapore to Manila, Clark, and Cebu in particular) and other markets that may emerge, on a metal-neutral basis. In addition, they intended to jointly sell and market common and non-common routes while cooperating in the area of sales and marketing, distribution, airport operations and ground handling, scheduling, procurement, and pricing among other areas.


  1. Cebu Pacific's CEBgo, not SEAir's Tiger Airways!

    Reading comprehension problem

  2. No it is not. Last time we check CAB it still is a SEAIR Franchise. Different marketing name though. Similar to Zest Air carrying the name of Air Asia. By the way it is not the same as Cebu Pacific, and until Congress changed that we are standing to our post. Just to inform the public better.

  3. Integrity should be in place when reporting. It's not up to your liking!

    This is what we call 'plus and minus'. You subjectively replace some original words with those more agreeable to you.

    What does the Congress have anything to do with a layman 'CEBGO'? If they don't allow it, they should have stopped Cebu Pacific from naming it CEBGO. Why make life so difficult for your readers?

    SEAIR now is another airline based in Clark, which is contradictory to your reporting.

    1. Well, you could always read other sources and be contented with their facts. But you are reading our reports. We do admit that we can't please everyone so we have a disclaimer to our posts.

      The SEAIR in Clark even though owned by Dornier and Partners is not the Same SEAIR that is holding the franchise of Cebgo, controlling stakes of which were previously bought byTiger Airways of Singapore, corporate wise, even if they carry the same logo and even if they were the previous owners. You can check this data yourself. Sorry but we checked those facts again and again. Its still accurate up to this writing.

      Congress did not also stop Zest Air from renaming their airline Air Asia, but they are still Zest Air.

      You could always provide us better facts so that we can correct our post accordingly. We are not shy correcting mistakes here. But make sure its an accurate one.

    2. Cebgo is operated by southEast Asian Airlines (SEAIR), a subsidiary of Cebu Air, Inc., operator of Cebu Pacific Air, all of which belongs to JG Summit Conglomerate.

      Seair in Clark is known as SEAIR-I, not SEAIR. There website is here
      Everything else can be explained from there.

    3. Boom. Sapul! Mag co-comment man lang mali pa. tsk

  4. If you're sensitive to names, why call it Tiger Airways when it's already Tigerair?

    All the airline names you used are very outdated. You may want to ask the Singapore parliament as well about your 'Tiger Airways'!

    Error: Usage of 'SEAIR', 'Tiger Airways'

    1. What is wrong with using registered names vis a vis marketing names?