Something 5J Can Be Proud Off

19 October 2015
In a fitting tribute to the bird to which icon the airline symbol is known for, Cebu Pacific has officially adopted a raptor named "Mindanao," the Philippine Eagle ambassador for education on October 15.

Mindanao along with 17 other Philippine eagles, has been under the care of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) through a captive breeding program—a system that breeds and re-introduces raptors to their natural habitat in the efforts to augment the dwindling wild population.

Under the adoption agreement, Cebu Pacific will provide food and necessary veterinary care for five (5) years that will help flourish and sustain the well-being of "Mindanao" as one of the country's prominent national symbols.

1 comment:

  1. Good job 5J way to go! Will it be more nicer if they can include these birds to their livery on some of their fleet?