The Best Bullet Detector In the World

Passengers Be Aware at the X-ray Scanners

31 October 2015

After making top of the list for Worlds Worst Airport for sleeping, Manila International Airport has find its way to the top again, this time employing the world's best bullet detection system, powered by the best magicians in the world from Office of Transport Security.

The cost of inconvenience cost passenger caught between measly 500 pesos to 30,000 pesos.

An American missionary, Michael White, learned it the hard way when he was scammed by airport security personnel with a .22-caliber bullet. He was brought to a private room and was asked to shell out P30,000 for his liberty. His refusal to pay earned him a cancelled holiday to Coron, Palawan, six days in jail and indictment for illegal possession of ammunition before Pasay City Judge Pedro Gutierrez. He got out only on Tuesday after posting a P40,000 bail.

A Filipino worker and Japanese tourist were the latest passengers to be detained by airport police in the swindle scheme.

An Overseas Filipino worker, Gloria Ortinez, who was returning to work was stopped from flying to Hong Kong after a bullet was found in her hand luggage at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Ortinez denied the bullet was hers and charges absurd as she would never carry one because Hong Kong has stricter security laws.

Office of Transportation Security (OTS) personnel released her after several days in police detention after media outcry.

Japanese tourist Kazunobu Sakamoto was also found with two bullets in his luggage and arrested after failing to show documents authorising him to carry ammunition.

Advice to Passengers

According to an OTS insider who doesn't want to be identified because they are closely investigating the people involved, the scam usually begins at the security check at the gate, with terminal 3 given as example, where a conniving non-uniformed OTS personnel dummy plants bullet to an unsuspecting passenger target.

As a safety precaution, seal all your belongings before entering airport premises, he said, saying that most of the victims had slightly opened bags. He further said that passenger must watch their bag before and after the security screen and make sure that nobody touches it, otherwise record the name of the OTS personnel involved as they have nameplate on their chest. And most especially watch your back if your carrying a back pack in tightly congested spaces. It could save you the hassle and discourage the person trailing you to even attempt to try.

Better yet, wrap your bags so that you won't have excuse if found one. And don't use the airport facility for that, a bullet may already be smuggled inside your bag without you knowing it.  

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