Five Star Airline

PAL Aims Highest Skytrax Rating!

9 December 2015

Auckland - Philippine Airlines intends to be a five star full service airline in five years according to airline President and Chief Operating Officer Jaime J. Bautista.

”We want PAL to become a five star full service airline in five years,” Bautista said while in New Zealand as he promotes the airlines service to the middle earth kingdom.

A five star rating is the highest airline quality ranking used to certify airline product and service standards.

To achieve this goal Philippine Airlines will upgrade product services beginning with the new long haul aircraft that will join the fleet starting next year. It will also update existing fleet with the new standards beginning 2017.

Presently PAL is rated three star airline by Skytrax, an international air transport rating organization.


  1. Curious about that image, mate ... is that what PR's business class will look like on its yet-to-be-delivered planes?

  2. Goodluck to you PAL and Jaime Bautista, and we, the proud Filipino, will see your new product soon.

  3. If that image up there shows new PR's product offering, then it's a mediocre one. I think PR has a very long, long way to go before they achieve a 5-star rating. Unless they bribe Startrax for a huge sum. GA did that.

    1. GA didnt bribe skytrax. They did it with because of the introduction of F class. GA F class is one of the best in thr world. Please dont talk shit if u dont know anything about GA