5J's New Livery Comes To Town

27 January 2016

Introducing Cebu Pacific's newest A320 jet (A320-214(WL): RP-C4107) sporting the new livery for the airline. All aircraft orders by the company will be wearing this new color.


  1. Be careful with your luggage when flying with CeBu Pacific...They lost the luggage of my visitor which cost 150k but they only give her 26k..its not the money but you ruined her vacation. Thank God its only vacation not work! I hope it wont happen to first time Filipino worker abroad who doesn't have spare money to buy clothes until her first salary come...Think Twice before you book with cebu pacific! New plane?how about the service?cheap flights forget it, you might lose more than you save!

    1. as if cebu pac is the only airline in the world that have lost a passenger's luggage.