Bad Blood

14 January 2016

From a code share that goes wrong to the subsequent lawsuit that strained ties, Philippine Airlines (PAL) and Kuwait Airways (KAC) are at each others throat again after the Kuwaiti regulator denied the former fifth freedom traffic rights between Kuwait and Dubai, while the latter continues to enjoy that benefit between Manila and Bangkok.

Fuming mad amidst the January 17 launch where it will likely fly extension services, Philippine Airlines filed a petition with the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) of the Philippines seeking to revoke Kuwait Airways’ rights to carry passengers between Bangkok and Manila on its Kuwait-Bangkok-Manila route after a similar request with Kuwait authorities to carry passengers between Kuwait and Dubai was denied with finality.

PAL wants to revoke the fifth freedom rights enjoyed by Kuwait Airways under a bilateral air treaty agreement, after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Kuwait denied the airline's request to enjoy the same privilege upon the opposition of KAC.

The Philippines has granted fifth freedom traffic rights under a bilateral air treaty agreement with Kuwait to any intermediate points of their respective airline's choosing.

Kuwait Airways has chosen Bangkok as its intermediate point and has been granted fifth freedom rights and is operating the same route daily for more than 20 years without objections from PAL.

Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines recently selected Dubai as its intermediate point to Kuwait after securing fifth freedom traffic rights from the United Arab Emirates.

PAL would have flown in December 2015 had it not have problems with Kuwait Airways which changed its plans to January of 2016. The decision of denial was handed to the airline on the fifth of January effectively preventing them from transporting passengers between Kuwait and Dubai and vice versa.

PAL stopped flying to Kuwait in 1995 due to bitter dispute with KAC.

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