PR1 Escort

19 February 2016

“Everyone was swelling with pride”
Proud moments of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) once again doing its role as fighter FA-50 escorts the Presidential plane PR 1 (RP-C3438) as it should be on Philippine Airspace. Image courtesy PAF

From the window of his plane, President Benigno Aquino III watched the country’s newest Philippine Air Force PAF) FA-50 fighter fly beside Philippine Airlines (PR) 001 as it made its approach before landing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia).

It was a sight that no one thought would see again, more than 10 years after the PAF decommissioned the last of its F-5 fighter jets, that cheers and applause broke inside the presidential plane.

In a statement, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma said that the FA-50 fighter jets escorted PR 001 carrying President Aquino and his official delegation “from the air space above Polillo island as the PAL Airbus 343 plane made its approach before landing at the NAIA.”

“The fighter jets took off from Clark Field Air Base. They made contact with the presidential flight at 6:37 am which eventually landed at 7:05 am,” said Coloma, who was with the President’s delegation.

One Last Hurrah! For The President That Made It Possible


  1. Much better if our FA50's will be armed.

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