PAL Bids Inflight Duty Free

14 July 2016

By Doug Newhouse

Rustica (Resty) Tizon, Inflight Duty Free Director,
 Philippine Airlines.
Philippine Airlines (PAL) has narrowed down its short list of companies interested in bidding for its inflight duty free contract to three companies, including the incumbent operator the Inflight Sales Group (ISG), DFASS and the Regent Travel Retail Group, which currently partners with Duty Free Philippines’ ground shops.

The airline has also amended the concession length from three to five years with the inclusion of a two-year extension, according to Resty Tizon, Inflight Duty Free Director.

The final submission date for offers is Friday 15 July this week, with each company scheduled to give ‘a walkthrough presentation’ next week.

Tizon adds that following this process, the Philippine Airlines evaluation panel will make its decision and an award, with the next contract perod scheduled to begin at the end of this year.

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  1. It should be 'PAL opens bidding for Duty-Free service providers'

    Not PAL bidding for something