Qatar Flies B787 To Clark

3 November 2016

Qatar Airways downgrades flight services to Clark International Airport as it replaces existing daily Doha service of Boeing 777-300ER to a smaller plane effective October 30 with new Boeing 787-800. It is the first airline to fly the type at Clark Airport and the fourth airline to fly the type in the country.


  1. Actually Qatar Airways use the Airbus A330-200 for the Doha-Clark route while the Boeing 777-300ER is use on the Doha-Manila route. As for a downgrade considering its a newer aircraft its more of an upgrade then a down grade!

    1. They flew the 77W before downgrading it to A332. Amenities wise, its a better aircraft.

  2. Nah, it's either upgrade or downgrade.

  3. Talking about capacity it's downgrade, meaning fewer passenger, but, for the a/c it's upgrade cause it's a new model...

  4. I hope Qatar Airways considers reviving its service between Cebu and Doha since Emirates already has a Dubai-Cebu-Clark Service. Maybe they could also folow what EK did!