FA-50's Baptism Of Fire

28 January 2017

The Philippine Air Foce (PAF) has unleashed for the first time and the first combat sortie of any FA-50 manufactured jet as it delivered precision ordnance to Butig, Lanao del Sur on the night of January 26, 2017 against ISIS targets from Mactan Airbase in Cebu.

The two of the four newly acquired FA-50 fighter aircraft with tail numbers PH001 and PH004 delivered surgical air strikes against the terrorists group using highly advanced laser technology causing casualties to the militants.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana confirmed the used of said military asset and ammunition yesterday. Target coordinates were provided by a US Air Force drone flown from Cotabato City.

The jets from the 7th "Bulldogs" Tactical Fighter Squadron in Clark Airbase, Pampanga was sent to Mactan on January 22 in preparation for the precision strike. -image courtesy of Pinoy Aviator


  1. I thought our president doesn't want any combat assistance coming from US. But why there is an engaging battle with the muslim rebels in mindanao with the target that has been marked by a US drone for the Filipino planes to finish it. It supposed that the American defence should be out in this coontry and let our fighting be done on ourselves or with the help from our new friends in China or Russia to finish this insurgency.

    1. He did acknowledged the assistance of the Americans in a press conference but it has nothing to do with combat operation in the strictest sense of the word. Also not in the news is the USN P-3C Orion hovering above it which also took off from the same airport as the FA50 on its first combat sortie.

  2. New Friends China and Russia ( Communist).

  3. This was my post in Pinoy Aviators Facebook page...

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