PAL Opens Bohol Gateway

Flies Seoul Beginning June 22

13 April 2017

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines has open a new gateway out of the country as it introduces first international flight to Seoul, South Korea from Tagbilaran airport.

The route is expected to commence on June 23 and will be serve daily by Airbus A320-200 aircraft. 

Tagbilaran airport will be the airlines fifth gateway after Manila, Cebu, Kalibo and Angeles.


  1. Tagbilaran Airport is now at a sorry state. But thankfully Panglao Aiport is nearing completion.

  2. I hope this new international flight from TAG succeeds.

    Unfortunately, the news about the ASG invading the island might scare away potential tourists. I really hope that the government is able to bring back peace and order in the island.

  3. Tagbilaran Airport is too small for international traffics.

    1. ...but big on charter flights.most koreans on cebu airport headed to bohol

    2. On the contrary. It is actually next to Boracay in terms of foreign tourism traffic ie Koreans. It is just that most of them uses Cebu airport as embarkation point for obvious purposes.

  4. PR2482 departs Tagbilaran everyday at 5:20 pm. The return flight (PR2483)leaves Incheon at 2:30 a.m., arriving in Tagbilaran at 6:00 a.m.

    The new Tagbilaran-Cebu route, the first domestic link to Bohol outside of Manila, will also open Thursday.

    PAL will operate the daily Tagbilaran-Cebu flights via PR2874, departing 7 a.m. and arriving in Cebu City at 7:30 a.m. The return flight (PR 2875)leaves Cebu at 3:30 p.m. and touches down in Tagbilaran by 4 p.m.