Jin Air Upgrades Cebu

14 May 2017

Low cost carrier Jin Air is upgrading night flights to Cebu beginning July 22 from Seoul with the airline operating Boeing 777-200ER, instead of 737-800 aircraft. 

The airline will however reduce frequency from 3x daily  B737-800  to two daily flights with the morning flight continue to operate B737 service.

Meanwhile, the Airline will also add 5th weekly flights to Clark beginning 24 July with Boeing 787-800


  1. "Meanwhile, the Airline will also add 5th weekly flights to clark beginning 24 july with Boeing 787-800"

    A Correction I think its Boeing 737-800 since I have yet to hear Jin Air announced orders for 787-8 or expand thier wide-body fleet since currently they have 4 Ex-KAL 777-200ER. Anyway great news for Cebu as it means Cebu is expanding internationally also I should mention that both PAL and CEB also deployed thier A330s in the Cebu-Seoul route. Meaning it is a very big route in terms of passengers!

    1. Philippine Airlines uses their Airbus A330-300 in Seoul (Incheon) for the long time.

    2. Thanks for the correction. It was indeed B737s. Korean carriers also fly the wide bodies to Cebu. Of late Jin Air occasionally sends B777 to Clark.

    3. Korean Air currently uses A330s for their CEB route. They did send B747s before, and on a rare occasion some B777s. Asiana also sends widebodies like B767s and A330s or B777s rarely.

      For Jin Air, I think their deployment of B777s (its the third time) is meant to increase passenger capacity for a limited time until they will revert it back to B738.

  2. cebu don't use A330 on cebu to soul