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It's Jollibee gyud!
Pinoy Aviators

10 June 2017

"Hindi namin pinapangako na araw-araw my masarap na chibog kayo, pero sinisigurado namin na my Jollibee kayo sa amin...IT'S JOLLIBEE GYUD!"

These combat utility helicopter pilots from the 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing also known as THE BEEHIVE of the Philippine Air Force are flying not just to provide helicopter lift operation for our ground troopers. With the help of their Legendary flying machine, the LEGENDARY HUEY, these combat utility helicopter Huey pilots also served as the flying delivery boys on the battlefield.

A simple gesture of humor can give high morale to our brave warriors fighting for our flag and country. But, delivering something they don't have on the battlefield can be just a simple way of thoughts to others but for those who are fighting, it's something more than a priceless gift.

These Huey pilots flying the Legendary Huey are the army and marines best friends in the Armed Forces... They are the horse and hope of these army and marine warriors. The 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing is tasked with conducting Heli-lift operations in support of ground units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

The Huey pilots fly the package while Huey door gunners are the trigger man of our Huey pilots. The Beehives of the Philippine Air Force are always there for our fighting Army and Marines. Even with the most expensive delivery ever...

"When you have a good heart: 

You help too much. 
You trust too much. 
You give too much. 
You love too much & it always seems you hurt the most."
                                                                           - Jollibee



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