Iloilo Airport Closes After Aircraft Accident

5J 461 Verred Off Runway

14 October 2017

A Cebu Pacific (CEB) Airbus 320 plane with serial number RP-C3237(sn) carrying 180 passengers from Manila has veered right off runway after landing at Iloilo International Airport runway 20 Friday evening ended up stopping on the grass.

All passengers were accounted for and was safely evacuated after the airline initiated emergency evacuation procedure when the aircraft came to a complete stop after landing.

The airport was declared closed by Civil Aviation Authority (CAAP) last night because of runway obstruction affecting 33 subsequent domestic and international flight to Iloilo.

The airport is expected to be closed until Sunday evening.


  1. Hah! I found no comments. No reactions. People ignore this another Cebu Pacific mishap.

    1. Whats there to react its an accident.and the pilot did a good job to keep us safe..i was there seating at 24A window seat. It was a heavy downpour..the landing was a little bit rough but not that bad as everybody are telling over the news..the airplane was still fast after landing at the runway beacuse it was already passed by the terminal building..we have a big bump effect when the plane overhoot the runway..everybody was quite and calm and we only exit when the pilot instructed everyone to smell aviatiom fuel inside the wasjust a thtill when you dlide in the exit raft with fire and rescur crew waiting for you to assist..