A350-1000 Tours Manila

And You Know What That Means...

27 January 2018

Airbus has commenced three weeks demonstration tour with its newly-certified A350-1000 which will cover Manila as one of the manufacturer's destinations in the Asia Pacific Region.

The first Airbus A350-1000 is scheduled to arrive in Manila in the third week of February before heading home to Toulouse, France.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) secured orders for six A350-900 aircraft after the company made demonstration flight to the country in May 20, 2015. It has order options for another six A350.

The airplane manufacturer said the tour will cover the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. Its route will include two Middle Eastern cities – Qatar's capital Doha and Muscat in Oman, after which it will then proceed to ten Asia-Pacific destinations covering Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Hanoi, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland, and Tokyo.

Airbus is preparing for delivery of the first -1000 variant to be operated by Qatar Airways, which it says will take place "in the coming weeks".

The plane maker said it will be using MSN65 for the tour, the cabin-equipped test aircraft which is configured with 40 business-class, 36 premium-economy and 219 economy-class seats.

Singapore's visit will coincide with the city's air show. The A350-1000 will be displayed on the static park from 6-8 February. Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo are the bases of -1000 customers Cathay Pacific, Asiana and Japan Airlines.

Eleven customers from five continents have already placed orders for a total of 169 A350-1000s.

The A350-1000 with a list price of $351.9 million is the latest member of the A350 XWB Family, designed to compete with Boeing 777-300ER, showing high level of commonality with the A350-900 with 95 percent common systems part numbers and the same Type Rating. It has a longer fuselage to accommodate 40 more passengers than the A350-900 (in a typical three-class configuration), the A350-1000 also features a modified wing trailing-edge, new six-wheel main landing gears and more powerful Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines.

A350-900 first landing in Manila, May 20, 2015


  1. Yes, A possibility of PAL to replace some of their old owned 77W with A35K as they going towards an all-airbus fleet.

  2. Can't whait for PAL A359 this june hoped they would published concept art for the cabin interior.

  3. I dont think PAL is interested in this bird because they already have 6 -900 orders and their other 6 options are only for -900s as well. They already have 10 777-300ERs and are planning to update the 6 oldest with new cabins. The 777s are their favorite because of they're money makers and most likely the 777-9X will be their replacement in the future. 5J is not interested either, as they're not interested in the -900 and have no plans to expand to the US for now.

    1. The option is not cast in stone like what they did with the A321neo and the A330. It can be change anytime depending upon the airlines need.

      From what currently stands, the A350-1000 sits between the B77w and the A350-900. It is projected to seat 240-250 passengers, 20-30 less than B77w. It also has more payload range than 77w. Which means it can cross the pacific fully loaded anytime unlike the 77w. At this time it also fits the second flight for LAX and SFO as well as the better plane for YVR and SEA. Note also that PAL ordered A359 are meant for east coast JFK,YYZ and ORD.

  4. Please, honestly I don’t like 77W, it hurts my ear especially during start-ups. A350 is more quiter as I experience that in flight with Delta.

    But the point is PAL’s 77W, which they owned, is almost 10 y/o and fuel consumption of the aircraft is more expensive than most of the modern aircrafts today. The 777-9 has still a long way to go before its first flight, and it’s too big for PAL’s fleet requirements. So the A35K is the perfect replacement for PAL’s 77W. Plus I’m enthusiastic of PAL being an all-airbus fleet because I hate Boeing planes.

    1. YOU hate Boeing but Philippine Airline loves the Boeing 777-300er. PAL oldest 77w is 9 y/o and the newest is 1 month old. So i don't think Pal will be looking to replace 77w in their fleet.

    2. Yes Boeing planes are sucks. The 737 is too narrow, even reports today said that the new 737max have a smaller lavatory. The 787 have full of issues that some of them are grounded.

      Don’t forget their spat with Bombardier that boeing sue them for price dumping of C-series and said that the Program recieved a lot of subsidies from the Quebec and Canadian government. Good thing the US International Trade Court ruling recently concluded that C-series don’t hurt aerospace industry in the US including boeing. The US government just save boeing’s ass there as they will be exposed to recieved a lot of government subsidies and tax breaks in their industry including their 777x program. That is why I like Airbus (together with ATR and Bombardier) to dominate the whole commercial airplane market in the Philippines.

    3. I flew recently with PAL B777-300ER non stop from YYYZ-MNL-YYZ (16.5hours from Toronto) (14.5hours from Manila) the aircraft with registered number C7774 looks old , tail end toilet is leaking , individual tv seat back is an old panasonic 9" low video quality.the cabin interior really looks old.but yet this B777 is really great flying over the polar route at 37k feet was smooth and less air turbulence.

    4. Is their a specifc date the A35K will arrvied at MNL as of today its in HND right know will MNL be next or ICN before MNL. Also CX inugural A35K flight will be HKG-MNL.

  5. Just some updates from Singapore Air Show Bell wins an order for 16-units of tne 412EPI for the philippines.