PAF Purchases 16 More Bell 412EPI

9 February 2018

Bell 412s and UH-1H, PAF Workhorses

Bell Helicopters of Canada has officially announced that the Government of the Philippines has sealed a purchase agreement for 16 more Bell 412EPI Twin-engine helicopters for the Philippine Air Force (PAF). Delivery of these twin-engine helicopters would begin in 2019.

The sale signed in December 20 last year is valued at $234.5 million (P12 billion) and is a government-to-government transaction via the Canadian Commercial Corporation to be paid over a three-year period.

Bell helicopters is the workhorse of the Philippine Air Force where it operates older variants of the manufacturer's product, particularly the UH-1H and UH-1D helicopters, which form the backbone of the rotary-winged utility fleet. It received its first two 412s in 1994 for Presidential Transport.

Bell said the additional acquisition will contribute to the modernisation programme of the Philippine military.

The company earlier delivered eight new frames to the Philippines in 2015. At present, PAF operates ten Bell 412s eight of which are 412EP units delivered in 2015. Of the latter batch, two are used for executive transport while six are operated by the 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing.

The brand new helicopters for the Philippine Department of National Defense will be ‘fully configured with fly-by-wire system and equipped with advanced avionics,’ Bell said in a press release.

Sameer Rehman, managing director of Bell Helicopter Asia-Pacific, said the PAF’s new 412EPIs will be used for SAR, humanitarian assistance, utility and passenger transport.


  1. The Canadian made Bell deal was cancelled by DU30.

  2. So Far it is not confirmed yet that the DND or PAF have cancelled the deal with Bell besides what are the other choices since the PAF relized on small helicopters and something liked the russian Mi-17 would be considered to big for their operations.IMO the UH-60 Black hawk would be far more ideal but this to expensive to operated for the PAF in large numbers hence to them the 412 is far more ideal as a replacement for the UH-1 so it would be difficult to find alternatives.

    1. Looks liked its official.
      PH to scrap P12-B helicopter deal with Bell, CCC: Lorenzana

      Thanks a lot Canada ! : _(


    Contrary to popular news reports, the contract for 16 Bell Helicopter 412EPIs for the Philippine Air Force is still a go despite earlier reports of its termination.

    In numerous reports, the Philippines has officially cancelled a December 2017 contract for 16 Bell Helicopter 412EPIs for its Air Force just days after revealing the deal at the Singapore air show.

    The cancellation was ordered by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte after the Canadian government ordered a review into the acquisition of said helicopter.

    Canada was concerned that Philippine Air Force planned to use the medium-twins for counter-insurgency (offensive) operations, rather than utility transport missions, which is inconsistent with its terms of reference with the Philippines.

    The Government to Government procurement of Bell 412s are primarily aimed for used on disaster response and search and rescue.

    Lorenzana said that 16 brand new Bell 412 helicopters will primarily be used for the transportation of personnel and supplies, ferrying wounded and injured soldiers, and the conduct of humanitarian assistance and disaster response operations.

    The misunderstanding came after the defense chief said the choppers COULD be used for counter-insurgency operations.

    “Should the Canadian Government choose to discontinue their sale of the aircraft to us then we will procure them from another source.” says Lorenzana.

    The letter was issued on 13 February. So far there is no official cancellation yet from the Canadian government.