PAL Makes ICN Flight Out Of PPS

PPS Incheon Flight Begins June 24

18 April 2018

Philippine Airlines will launch regular flight services from Puerto Princesa to Seoul and Busan in South Korea beginning June 24, 2018 while the flight to Busan will start July 26.

The route will be flown by A321-200 planes with the following schedule as follow.

Puerto Princesa – Busan (4x weekly)
PR476 PPS1320 – 1835PUS 321 x125
PR477 PUS1935 – 2315PPS 321 x125

Puerto Princesa – Seoul Incheon (daily)
PR474 PPS0050 – 0630ICN 321 D
PR475 ICN0825 – 1205PPS 321 D

The airline has send charter flights to China and Korea on number of occasions from Puerto Princesa International Airport.


  1. A bit confused, because PPS-ICN states that it will depart at 00:50, which is equivalent to 12:50 am. Showing the ridiculuos turn around time of almost 13hrs.

    Do they mean that the flight will arrive in PPS at 12:05pm and departs at 12:50 pm and has a turn around time of 45 mins?

    Busan too was also confusing

    Can someone explain it to me please? Thank you! :)

    1. 12:50am and 12:50pm are not the same time as they are 12hours apart. In other words, the former is 00:50 while the latter is well 12:50 for the 24hr time. Glad to be of help.

      By the way, the plane doesn't really stay at PPS after flight to ICN when not heading to PUS. It will go to either CRK,MNL, or CEB.

    2. Oh! I thought that they mistyped the time so I assumed that it is 12:50p.m. and not 12:50a.m. So for example.
      INC-PPS then PPS-MNL and MNL-PPS then PPS-INC

      Now I get it. Thank you for this wonderful information.

  2. The flight was already commenced operations.

  3. Is it true that both ICN and PUS services are available until 27th Oct, 2018 only?
    I've read it from