PAL Opens Lounge At CEB T2

5 Star Lounge Inaugurated

29 June 2018

Philippinne Airlines (PAL) led by its President and Chief Operating Officer launched Thursday PAL Mabuhay Lounge at Mactan-Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 which will open to the public on July 1.

The Mabuhay Lounge at Terminal 2 which will be used for International flights has an area of 190 square meters designed by Cebu Fil Veneer Corporation, an Italian-owned manufacturing company based in Mactan Island.

“This is one of our most beautiful lounges in the country and maybe one of the most beautiful lounges in the whole PAL network not only in the Philippines but also in other countries,” Bautista said.

At least three different sets of tables and chairs are found inside the lounge — dining sets, lounge sets, and high-table sets. The materials used were locally sourced except for some of the tabletops that were imported from Italy.

“Majority of the design is inspired by a tropical and resort feel while at the same time still giving off a five-star lounge feel. This is since the MCIA Terminal 2 is a resort airport,” said Bea Cabagay, one of the lounge designers.

Carlo Cordaro, president and CEO of Cebu Fil Veneer, said it was their first time to provide materials for an airport lounge and the first time to work with the airlinne.

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  1. I was hoping this was new lounge in Manila that is currently be built for international travelers in terminal 2. Hoping they will get it open before they move international flights to terminal 1. Or maybe they have stopped construction.