A flight that took two days

PR103 marooned in Guam

March 4, 2010

Agana - Philippine Airlines PR103 usually arrives in Manila at 6:00 AM from Los Angeles everyday. But Tuesday is a different day for the well wishers of the 415 passengers as no Boeing 747-400 from LAX arrived at Manila International Airport. The airplane instead arrived 56 hours late at 3PM yesterday.

The reason, one of the plane's engine had problems that it cant fly its way back home says Guam's airport manager Carlos Salas.

"The flight's 415 passengers had to choice but to disembark the aircraft. Philippines Airlines accommodated them at a local hotel while the engine was being repaired," says Salas.

Its passengers was marooned in Guam when one of the plane's engine suffered some trouble making its technical stop-over truly a technical one preventing its take-off one hour after refueling to Manila, the nation's capital.

Philippine Airlines flight arrives from Los Angeles at 4:55 AM in Guam Tuesday and should have left for the Philippines by 6 in the morning. However, due to technical problems with the engine, the passengers of the flight didn't leave Guam until about 1:56 PM yesterday as PR 1037

Salas couldn't confirm whether the engine problems were discovered while the plane was up in the air or whether it was after it had already landed on Guam. The airline remains mum over the incident.

The special flight arrived safely in Ninoy Aquino International Airport at 3:03 PM yesterday with no further incident. --- with reports from Pacific Daily News

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