5J to fly Australia in February 2014

Also Seeks Moscow entitlements

February 28, 2013

Cebu Pacific (CEB) is seeking the Civil Aeronautics Board’s (CAB) approval to fly Sydney and Melbourne in Australia from Manila, and to Moscow in Russia by 2014.

The airline intends to offer daily services to Australia using Airbus A330s starting February 2014 and is asking for additional seat entitlements to the land down under.

CEB is requesting permission to fly between Manila and Sydney every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the available slots from existing bilateral. It also wants to offer flights between Sydney and Manila every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday which require amendments of existing Air Services Agreement between Australia and the Philippines. The airline is also looking to fly from Manila to Melbourne every Tuesday and Saturday and from Melbourne to Manila every Wednesday and Sunday.

It also asked CAB to give the Russian Federation entitlements to Moscow for it to launch Manila-Moscow route. CEB intends to fly between Manila and Moscow 4 times a week with an A330 aircraft. Philippine Airlines is also seeking Russian entitlements to Moscow.


  1. I'm sure Airphil will also file an application for Australia flight following the lead of Cebu Pacific. Now people have a choice: Qantas, Philippine Airlines and soon Cebpac. This is good for the passengers.

  2. Good to know this, It will benefited many air passengers.

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  3. is 5J getting the "flag carrier" title from PAL?