Multi-Airport System For Manila Set

Policy Directions readied

March 1, 2013

Manila will soon join the elite cities of the world that would have the distinction of having a Multi-Airport when the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) makes recommendation to Malacanang for adoption of Multi-Airport System (MAS) for Manila to address the congestion at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

A Multi-Airport System is defined as a set of two or more significant airports that serve commercial traffic within a metropolitan region.

Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said it would be better if there are two international airports for Manila as international gateways. But the choice would be between maintaining two major airports—Clark and NAIA—supporting each other, or vacating Manila in favor of Clark, or establishing a brand-new airport (e.i. PAL Airport) inside Metro Manila or in a nearby province that will replace the existing NAIA complex in Pasay City.

To be labelled for MAS are Manila-NAIA, Manila-CLARK, and Manila- PAL should the government approved its construction, as primary airports supplemented by secondary airport, Manila-SANGLEY as general aviation airport. Two primary airport is likewise considered for Metropolitan Manila, while Sangley and Clark could be relegated to secondary gateway.

“They will be operating similar to London, New York, and Tokyo airports,” says Abaya.

New York operates a multi-airport system that is composed of four airports (i.e. three primary airports; New York/Kennedy, New York/Newark, New York/LaGuardia and one secondary airport; New York/Islip on Long Island).

“There were several options on the table and it would be up to the President to take his pick. At the very least, we will be recommending to the President to adopt a twin airport system for Manila,” Abaya added.

He refused to comment on the propose San Miguel International Airport, saying the fate of PAL airport and Clark International Airport are to be announce by the President soon.

The former project does not cost the government while the latter needs massive capital expenditures to develop as gateway as it is already the country’s fastest growing airport with eight budget airlines operating, and handled 1.3 million passengers last year.


  1. It would be nice to have Multi Airport System with 3 airports: MNL-NAIA, MNL-CRK & MNL-San Miguel with MNL-Sangley as gen aviation airport. This will ease NAIA congestion. Just make sure to rehabilitate ageing Terminals 1 & 2.

  2. why would make another airport in manila bay? make it like in japan tokyo-narita

  3. I hope the Government will push through with the plans presented by San Miguel, building a new International Airport outside Manila is the most practical way. NAIA can be rehabilitated but still it's space is very limited for expansion and improvements, considering also the people residing around the corners of the Airport. If San Miguel will materialize the project they will construct an expressway that will connect the Main Cities to the Airport, For me that is more convenient than connecting Manila to Clark via Fast Railways. I also hope that San Miguel/Philippine Airlines will revive the Fly Now Pay Later program for aspiring pilots like me, which will also help them to stabilize their working force considering the purchase of 100 new Aircraft.

  4. Anon, can you elaborate on the "Fly Now, Pay Later" program?

  5. Fly Now Pay Later program meaning, San Miguel will help the aspiring pilots in Aviation Training (All course in Aviation training), then after that those pilots who successfully finished the training will be employed to PAL/PAL express with at least 10 years contract bond. SMC on nthe other hand will really benefit on this program 1. They are sure that there will be enough pilots to fly the Aircraft ordered by SMC 2. The 10 years Bond that will prevent the pilots from resigning and transferring to the other carriers 3. Fully trained and capable pilots.

    That is why I am posting this, because I am also very eager to enroll in that Program, I have the courage/ willingness; I also believe that I am deserving and capable to be in that Program but due to Financial Reasons it is very hard for me to pursue the Dream of Becoming a pilot.

    R.S.A. Hope you will consider this, It's not only for me but It's for all the aspiring pilots. I believe in you, I believe in SMC. Kudos!