Towing the A320

How difficult can it be?

June 4, 2013

It took a crane, three tractors, a plethora of workers and three attempts to remove the plane from the field as it was retrieved by its tail out of the runway and hoisted on a trailer truck, clearing the paralyzed airport by evening on Tuesday 48 hours after the aircraft stocked its nose in the mud.


  1. This incident shows how 3rd world our country is. Interviews & accounts given by the pax paint a clear picture that airports in RP are ill-equipped & ill-prepared for emergencies. This is an eye-opener. Gensan Airport doesn't have a working baggage x-ray machine. I wouldn't be surprised if our category problem will be there after the audit.

  2. Add to that (1) no equipment to tow the plane out of the runway. Unbelievably slow! It took days for that plane to be towed! (2) red tape of CAAP-DVO by not allowing help from the local gov't of DVO (3) DVO airport didn't even have shuttle buses to ferry drenched pax back to the terminal.

  3. local officials should run and over see the airport operation like terminal first aid