PAL's Secret Weapon to Long-haul Expansion

4 August 2013

Spain -  Philippine Airlines (PAL) secret weapon for long haul profitability takes center stage as Amadeus acknowledges powering up the airlines recent expansion foray to Europe and the Middle East.

Amadeus said its Travel Intelligence Portfolio has provided Philippine Airlines tool where to launch future destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and soon the US since it started its relationship with the airline three years ago.

Amadeus said the airline's expansion to Europe isn't just based on pride but back up by quantitative and qualitative data that supports its profitability, like actual traffic figures, fare matrices, demographics and the like using Amadeus Market Information (MIDT) and Amadeus Air Traffic solutions, according to Hazem Hussein, Head of Airline Commercial, Amadeus Asia Pacific.

“Travel Intelligence is a critical asset in a fast-moving, fragmented industry like travel. However, it is not only about having data, it’s also about having the industry knowledge and analytical capability to turn it into valuable business insights.” said Hussein in a statement.

“Amadeus has all three which puts us in a unique position in the industry to help our airline customers understand their business as well as the challenges and opportunities in the market.” added Hussein.

Philippine Airlines President and COO Ramon S. Ang said that they can make Europe work and has listed European destinations which has substantial passenger traffic going to the Philippines long before they were actually announced last month based on Amadeus figures.

“It is important for us to be able to base our network planning and marketing decisions on complete and reliable data that Amadeus solutions offer.” says Ang on its deal with Amadeus.

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