Philippines Amends ASA with Singapore

Grants Singapore Fifth Freedom Rights To China

8 February 2014

The Philippines and Singapore agreed to allow increase in the number of seats on flights between Manila and Singapore, as well as expands fifth freedom rights between the two countries.

The new agreement increases the number of seats to around 16,800 on the Manila-Singapore route per week for each country. The current number of seats is 13,800 per week for each country.
According to Civil Aeronautics Board executive director Carmelo Arcilla, the agreement also expanded the fifth freedom rights of both countries, by adding China for Singapore upon the requests of low cost carrier Tiger Airways and Jetstar, and India for the Philippines as PAL would like to re-introduce India via Singapore. 

Fifth freedom rights refer to the airline's right to fly passengers to a third country from a country with which an airline's resident country has an outstanding air services agreement.

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