EU Lifts PH Blacklist

Clears All PH-Based Airlines

26 June 2015

The European Union has lifted the ban on all airlines from the Philippines effective yesterday, and are therefore allowed to operate in the European airspace according to the european Commission.

"After 5 years of hard work we are finally able to clear the airlines certified in the Philippines from the European Air Safety List,"says Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport.

Accordording to the EU commissioner, the Philippines is an important country with a sizeable and rapidly growing aviation sector.

"Today's result can serve as an example for other countries which have difficulty to match their safety oversight capabilities with the growth of their industry." she adds.

The European Union has been working in close cooperation with the Philippines to raise safety standards and improve airline compliance with essential and internationally recognised safety levels.

The European Commission – in close consultation with ICAO – decided to ban all airlines in the Philippines from operating in European airspace in 2010 because they are found to be unsafe and/or they are not sufficiently overseen by their authorities. However, recent inspection conducted in April of this year showed that they are already effectively monitored by Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

The positive review given by the five-man safety assessment team headed by Capt. Richard Miller, together with Per-Erik Oberg, Vincent Lambotte, Sebastian Zacharias and Mureil Belzunce all from the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) from their oversight review conducted on April 16 to 24 opened the door for all Philippine commercial airlines to operate in European skies again should they wished to fly Europe.

The oversight review has led to the suspension of AOC of Seair International ang Skyjet which has already been restored following compliance with Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations (PCAR). -

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