PH Secures P-3 Orion

Radar Coming Soon!

24 June 2015

Japan has approved last week the transfer of four Japanese P-3C "Orion" maritime patrol and surveillance aircraft to the Philippines according to senior defence official.

Department of National Defence (DND) Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said that four Japanese P-3C "Orion" maritime patrol and surveillance aircraft are scheduled to be transferred to the Philippines within a year's time.

A Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force P3-C Orion surveillance plane is currently in Palawan for a joint military naval exercise with the Philippines and United States forces. The CARAT exercises began on Monday and are set to end on Friday and Saturday.

Gazmin however said that radar equipments for the aircraft that will be given to the Philippines, such as sensitive anti-submarine warfare and surveillance radar and other detection devices that are fitted in the plane will be temporarily removed as the US approval for the said transfer of military technology has not yet been secured.

According to Gazmin, the aircraft grant is separate from the radar grant and that only the airplane component was approved by Washington as the Philippine Air Force still doesn't have the necessary facilities to interpret data taken from the plane.

“Filipinos greatly impressed by the P-3C’s excellent ability to detect submarines” says Yomiuri Shimbun of Japan's MSDF


  1. Is this for real? if yes? When will be seeing the PH flag on those Orions?

    1. I have been reading about the JMSDF Propoesed Doantion of 3or4 P-3C Orions Maritime Patrol&Surveillance Aircraft to the Philippine Air Force, but as of this reading(Dated June,12 2016) i have had no news whether it will go through as planned. Because as of the date on this Post which is/was June 24 2015 i was expecting that a few of these P-3C Orions would have been transferred to the Philippines in more or less a years time. since as of my writing June 12 2016 no news i'm afraid Other Nations&Countries have used their influence to negate this transfer(Donation) by Japan to the Philippines.