Poor Visibility Causes Mindanao Airport Shutdown

22 October 2015
Haze still limits visibility to Pagadian Airport at 5 miles causing flight cancellation .Image courtesy, Stephen Rene Soriano
Airports of Pagadian and Cotabato were closed some days last week after both airports suffered poor visibility problems arising from bad weather brought by Typhoon Lando and haze results from forest fires which were blown northwards by the tropical storm, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAP) reported Thursday.

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific flights between Manila to Cotabato and Pagadian Cities have been disrupted numerous times since October 17, even if Mindanao was far from the typhoon epicenter and path.

CAAP spokesman said that airport in these cities doesn't have Instrument Landing System which can guide the aircraft to the airport in cases of poor to zero visibility unlike other airports in Mindanao like Zamboanga, Cagayan, General Santos, Davao and Butuan.


  1. Wasting money at declining flights at Clark. While other airports need minor infrastructure to make them fulyl efficient.

  2. 6 More Airports Closed Due to Haze

    Six airports in Visayas and Mindanao suspended operations on Friday (October 23) due to the haze from the ongoing forest fires in Indonesia.

    The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) said those affected were the Cotobato Airport, Mactan Airport in Cebu, Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental, Tamblan Airport in General Santos City, Zamboanga Airport, and Davao Airport.

    CAAP said the airports were temporarily closed due to poor visibility. Some were reopened after visibility improved. Temporary closure has caused flight delays to the affected airports.

  3. Tagbilaran, Dumaguete Airport Closed Saturday

    Bad weather and haze has prompted the cancellation of 18 flights on Saturday afternoon, October 24, for Dumaguete and Tagbilaran

    Among flights canceled were 2P 2545 (MNL-Dumaguete), 2P 2546 (Dumaguete-MNL), 2P 2543 (MNL-Dumaguete), and 2P 2544 (Dumaguete-MNL). Similarly, 2P 2773 (MNL-Tagbilaran), 2P 2774 (Tagbilaran-MNL), 2P 2777 (MNL-Tagbilaran), and 2P 2778 (Tagbilaran-MNL) were cancelled. All flights belong to PAL Express.

    Also canceled were Cebu Pacific flights 5J 619 (MNL-Tagbilaran), 5J 620 (Tagbilaran-MNL), 5J 621 (MNL-Tagbilaran), and 5J 622 (Tagbilaran-MNL).

    Air Asia Zest canceled flights Z2 350 (MNL-Tagbilaran), Z2 351 (Tagbilaran-MNL), Z2 352 (MNL-Tagbilaran), Z2 353 (Tagbilaran-MNL), Z2 354 (MNL-Tagbilaran), and Z2 355 (Tagbilaran-MNL).