Ordinary Passenger Keeps Plane To Himself

29 January 2016

Alex Simon got a surprise of his life when he boarded a PAL Express Q300 flight to Boracay finding himself alone in the crowd of cabin crews. Of Course that only happens in the Philippines. More of his story at UK's Daily Mail.


  1. if this happened to other airline. the flight will be cancelled. and the passenger will be rebook on the next flight and checked-in to the hotel. But, this is what you call Customer oriented service. PAL decided to fly regardless of the expenses especially fuel rather than having one angry and disappointed customer. Word of mouth is still the most reliable advertisement campaign.

    1. If they had a large enough number of passengers in Boracay waiting for the flight to come back to Manila they might not have been able to cancel the outbound flight.

    2. As you said, that is "if".

      Such statements are basically speculation, Filipino crab mentality at its finest.

  2. PAL wishes to be a 5 star airline in 5 years. this is cheeky move, but still delivers result. looks to me like they're targeting Europeans esp backpackers. :p

  3. i think this was some years ago. notice on the 0:57 mark, there's a PAL Boeing 747-400.