And Rome It Is!

7 February 2016

PR Heads FCO Amidst CDG Slot Difficulty

Philippine Airlines (PAL) plans to fly Rome in Italy beginning the second half of this year, after securing regulatory approvals from Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazone Civile (ENAC), Italy's aviation regulator. It is now processing its Slot Clearance Request (SCR) for Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO) before operating at Aeroporti di Roma.

Jaime J. Bautista, President & Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Philippine Airlines, said in an interview by Travel News Asia that they will fly to another EU country this year after suspending expansion plans to Europe after London in 2014.

PAL has since successfully grown its London market after announcing London-Heathrow flights in 2013 by offering daily services beginning June 2016.

The airline intends to fly Fiumicino Airport four times a week starting IATA Winter 2016/17 timetable with Airbus A340-300 aircraft.

Italy hosts the largest population of Overseas Filipino migrants in the European Union accounting more than 170,000 people in 2015 according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics. While there were more than 16,000 Italians that visited the country in 2015, a third of the Filipino diaspora in Italy goes back home every year mostly by Gulf carriers.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) last flew to Italy in 1994 twice weekly.

Meanwhile, PAL's application for thrice a week A340 flight services to Paris is again hampered by airport slot application problems.

PAL will add to its fleet this year two more Boeing 777-300ERs destined for North American market while the five Airbus A321s delivered this year is bound for north east asian countries of Russia, China, South Korea and Japan.


  1. WHy not Frankfurt i´m realy disappointed from you PAL!

  2. With stop over in ben gurion airport tlv?

  3. ive heard that this wont be a direct service, but be treated like the east coast services of the US
    where in all future European flights by PAL will be triangulated via LHR, for example ROME, the flight would be MNL-LHR-FCO-MNL or for example the Paris route will finally get some traction, MNL-CDG/LHR-LHR/CDG-MNL and so on

  4. Out of topic... any idea why there was a DPRK C-130? Yes I am absolutely sure it was DPRK as I've read it (to my surprise) while she was no.1 holding for 06. I was about 50 meters away from the a/c by the runway fence. Anyone else seen this "peculiarity"?

    1. Adding was around 1650H

  5. Looks like the Pope can enjoy his favorite Carmen's Best ice cream on a more regular basis soon.

  6. Looks like the Pope can enjoy his favorite Carmen's Best ice cream on a more regular basis soon.

  7. How about a triangular route to Italy like MNL-FCO-MXP-MNL, since PAL also plans flights to Milan.