Duterte Signs Sangley Airport Development Project

23 December 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed Thursday the first phase of 435.9-billion Sangley International Airport Development Project amounting to 707 million for air-side developments necessary to accommodate General Aviation, Turboprop, and Regional Jet Traffic (ICAO A&B  aircraft category).

When completed in 2019, the airports runway should accommodate at least 25,000 aircraft movement annually, roughly equivalent to 8 traffic movements per hour on peak time, and should be able to handle 3 million domestic passengers per annum on a low cost modular terminal to be bidded out next under the expansion program slated for 2018. 

The second phase which is expected to cover the new gateway project beginning with land reclamation,  parallel runway and taxiway construction, PTBs, and other landside support services should be able to handle about 20 million passengers per year when it opens in 2028 revised timeline, which together with the existing NAIA terminals would be enough to meet Greater Manila Areas estimated traffic demand of 60 million passengers.

Meanwhile, The 2017 airport spending program includes 2.2 billion budget for Panglao Airport Project, 675 million Bicol International Airport Project (ILS), 341 million Cotabato Airport Development Project, and  200 million for New  Communication  and  Navigation  Airport Development  Project (CNS-ATM) Phase III, among others with a total airport infrastructure price tag of 5 billion pesos, according to data from the budget department DBM.


  1. I'm very glad to have read this. The Philippine aviation industry is on its way to becoming better! We invest today for a brighter tomorrow.

  2. And the long wait is now finally here. The beginning of such big.