JAF1 Makes Port of Call In Davao

13 January 2017

The Japanese Air Force One and Japanese Air Force Two were in Davao for official state visit in the Philippines.

Prime Minister Abe was the first Japanese Prime Minister and the second highest ranking government official to have visited Davao City and Mindanao in general. He is also the first head of government to have visited a sitting President's home. Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad came to Davao in February 1994 for the launching of the East ASEAN Growth Area BIMP (EAGA), being the first head of state to do so in Davao and Mindanao.

The two aircraft carried Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his delegates after making ports of call in Manila Thursday approving some 1 trillion yen ($8.7 billion) in funding and investment assistance to the Philippines for the next five years before flying to Davao City for the night to have breakfast with President Duterte at his home the following morning.

Japan is the Philippines largest provider of Official Development Assistance (ODA), and is the second biggest source of foreign investment for two consecutive years in 2016 (after the Netherlands). Total trade between the countries was around $15.9 billion, about half that of the shipments between the Philippines and China.

The two Boeing 747 aircraft are used by the government of Japan for overseas travel by the Emperor, Prime Minister and other high-ranking officials. Each aircraft has a capacity of 140 passengers and can be used for emergency evacuations of Japanese citizens and overseas deployment of Japan Self-Defense Forces personnel.

The aircraft operated by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force left Davao International Airport at noon time Friday heading to Australia in a four nation tour before going to Indonesia and Vietnam.


  1. Lols at makes port-of-call... It's like calling over telephone???

    English bowowow

    Port-of-call means destination...

    Grammar correction: 'makes Davao it's port of call'

  2. Port of Call is an idiomatic expression which means a "place where you stop for a short time, especially on a journey". It just did land in Davao on a journey towards Australia. Look it up and educate us further.