Xiamen Grows Cebu Hub

18 January 2017

Xiamen Air is fast growing its Cebu hub as it opens Fushou-Cebu and Quanzhou-Cebu this year. The route will be serve with Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Xiamen Air reopened the Xiamen-Cebu route in March 2016, flying three times weekly. The airline also flies Xiamen-Manila and for a time flew also Xiamen-Davao in September and October last year.

Schedules for the new flights from Mactan Cebu to China will be made available as soon as regulatory approvals are secured by the airline.


  1. Xiamen has a base in Cebu??? Xiamen is from Fujian Province China

    Please be more accurate in reporting, or proof-read the grammar used

  2. In airline parlance, a hub is where an airliner operates three or more direct flights from an airport. It doesn't mean that the airline has to have a base on that airport. A hub airport on the other hand is merely a "big airport with a lot of direct flights". Operating three direct destinations out of Cebu makes it a hub for Xiamen. Northwest Airlines also operated three direct flights to Nagoya, Osaka and Narita before from Manila and its an airline of the United States. And its not a base for NWA either. Educate us further.