DOTr Unveils Major Airports Projects

Set For Completion Before 2022

27 April 2017
Major Airport Projects

Airport Operations, Management, and Development 
Under Public Private Partnership Scheme
  • 40b - Davao International Airport
      • Construction of parallel taxiway
      • PTB expansion (65,000 to 125,000 sq.m )
      • CTB expansion (13,000 to 27,000 sq.m)
      • VPA expansion
      • Apron expansion
  • 30b - Iloilo International Airport
      • PTB expansion
  • ₱20b - Bacolod International Airport
      • PTB expansion
  • ₱15b - Laguindingan Airport
      • PTB expansion
  • ₱02b - Bohol International Airport

Other DOTC Airport Projects
  • ₱3b - Tacloban Airport
  • ₱2b - General Santos International Airport
  • ₱1b - Dipolog Airport
  • ₱1b - Sangley Airport 
  • 1b - Naga Airport 


  1. Hi, do you have any information regarding the status of the redevelopment of Tacloban airport? Last year the DoTR said they were waiting for the feasibility study to be completed in November 2016, but up to now there has been no news on the current status.

  2. What happened to the new MNL airport? Will it be SMC's, Santley,reclaimed manila bay or something else? R the above projects are more a priority than the main gateway airport of the country? What's cooking?

    1. The plan is simple. Grow Clark, improve NAIA and slowly build Sangley. That was the plan before, the plan now, and the plan for the future.

    2. Its high time that other Philippine airports should undergo upgrades and its been long overdue. CRK is a great alternative as a domestic hub and NAIA needs a major decongestion.

    3. If this is true,Clark international airport terminal 3 might be in reality by the coming 2020s.

  3. There is no provision for a PNR connection to Daraga Airport.

  4. It was uplifting to see the big improvement of the refurbished NAIA1 when we arrived last January. The only drawback I noticed was non existent of baggage x Ray machines implemented at the customs area while some custom officials were busy with their mobile phones instead of eyeing on the arriving pax!

    1. But what about the "tanim bala"? Is that an improvement?

  5. I hope their new CRK terminal and the future Sangley airport is World-Class Airport just like in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai and accommodate with larger aircrafts like B747 and A380.

    1. And more international flights especially Europe and US.

    2. Have you forgotten about AMC Charter Flights to clark via Terminal 3 the same way it was back in the 1980s when it was a US Base?

  6. I choose Clark International Airport as future main gateway of the Philippines. Here is my own proposal:

    1. In my own proposal, the name Manila will not be used. If this happens, Philippines will belong with Switzerland, Germany, Sri Lanka, and other countries with main gateway which is outside their capital city.

    2. I am disagree for Sangley Point in Cavite City as a future main gateway of the Philippines. Sangley Point requires land reclamation at the sea which requires digging of mountains for soil that will be used to fill land at the sea. The future airport in Sangley Point is also subjected to sink just like Kansai International Airport and requires maintenance. Bulacan is OK, but Philippines has already Clark International Airport which requires a mega expansion.

    3. New terminal buildings (to be served both full time and budget airlines), taxiways, additional 1 to 2 runways, and additional facilities (like new cargo terminal, airport fire station, and many more) should be build. If Clark International Airport expansion is completed, It will handle almost all international and domestic operations in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, plus additional future foreign airlines which expressed interest to fly Philippines via Clark. And NAIA will be still operational but no longer congested, and will handle budget airlines using narrow bodied aircraft, some Philippine Airlines' domestic flights, and cargo airlines. All general aviation will be either in Sangley Point in Cavite City, Fernando Airbase in Lipa City, or Subic Bay International Airport in Subic.

    4. Foreign airlines with Airbus A380 will be attracted to Clark International Airport and will able to fly to Clark by using Airbus A380. Likewise, Clark will be the top busiest Airbus A380 destinations in Asia.

    5. Clark International Airport will attract foreigners and tourists and will able to grow tourism in the Philippines. Foreign tourists can serve Clark as their stopover to and from their destinations in the Philippines. No need for the foreign tourists to connect domestic flights to Manila if they used Clark as their stopover if Clark International Airport will provide domestic flight.

    6. Clark International Airport will be accessible to Manila via road, railways, and air.
    a. By road. North Luzon Expressway should be widened into 8 lanes, 4 lanes for both sides; but much better is 10, 5 on each side. Grand terminal for passenger buses should be build in Clark International Airport to use by bus companies plying between Manila and Clark International Airport. Clark International Airport grand terminal should also provide bus trip to Baguio, Vigan, Laoag and Pagudpud, Baler, Tuguegarao, Malolos, Mariveles and Balanga, and other provincial network to serve both foreign tourists and OFWs.
    b. By railways. Please be not an elevated railway. It's too ambitious. If rail line will pass through major roads and highways, build an overpass for rail line. This rail line will serve both passenger and cargo trains.
    c. By air. There should be a domestic flights between Clark and Manila.

    7. Likewise, other international airports in Laoag, Bicol (in Daraga), Puerto Prinsesa, Kalibo, Panglao, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Zamboanga should be also expanded such as expanding their runway, as well as installing taxiway parallel to runway and build modern to large passenger terminal. Mactan Cebu International Airport, expansion already ongoing, should have apron for Airbus A380.