Skyjet Overshoot Busuanga

10 June 2018

A BAE-146-200 jet (RP-C5255) belonging to Skyjet Airlines overshoot runway 08 of Busuanga Airport at 4:30pm Friday when it skidded the runway after landing in bad weather. 

The accident caused Busuanga airport to closed affecting 14 other domestic flights since Friday and was re-opened to the public this morning after the BAE plane was finally remove from the mud in the overun area last night.

Flight M8 713 was piloted by Captain Owen Rosales and Vicente Dela Cruz and came from Manila with 80 passengers and 6 crews. 

The Pilot suffered minor injuries and was brought to the hospital for treatment while the rest of the passengers and crew were unhurt.

Initial investigations from the CAAP AIIB disclosed that it was raining hard when the aircraft landed causing the aircraft to aquaplane despite applied breaks preventing it from gaining traction to stopped at the 1200 meter runway.

The airline was earlier involved in separate runway overshot at Balesin airport in October 19, 2013, and Siargao in February 27, 2018, all in fair weather.  The third one involves bad weather, all with BAE 146 aircraft.

The aircraft grounding has caused the airline to cancel flights to Busuanga and Basco which uses the same plane to service the routes.

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