Yes, Love can stop a plane from flying!

August 9, 2009

Davao City
- For Davao International Airport, it was a regular Friday night of operations as PR flight 822 prepares to depart for Manila at 10PM, the airlines last flight. For the Airbus 320 Pilot Captain De Guzman, it was a routine red eye flight check for a 90 minutes flight. But for Dubur Mollik, a 21 year old Bangladeshi national, it was his only chance to reconcile with the love of his life.

In a similar scenario to the last episode of Friends, the television series of Warner Brothers, It was a long night for Dubur as he endure finding sense to know what love is and when he finally manage to find his heart he stood up and begged the flight attendants to get-off the plane. He was talking to somebody on the phone but definitely it was no Regina Phalange (Phoebe Buffay's alter ego), or because there's no left phalange on the plane.

But the boarding gates was already closed by tired agents and the pilot was already preparing his final check for take-off as he planned to be home by midnight, while the groundcrews tow the aircraft away from its stand hoping to call it a day.

Finding futility to his request to deplane, Dubur started to cry. “He was crying and begging the crew to allow him to get off the plane,” says Superintendent Elias Abad, chief of the Aviation Security Group (ASG), quoting stories from the flight captain, the crew and several passengers.

Knowing love himself, the Pilot finally agreed to grant his wish after failing to appease Dubur, but the long delay started apprehensions on other passengers that they too started disembarking the plane.

“Many got mad and argued with the captain about his decision,” said Marj Reyes, one of the passengers.

As a security precaution, the foreigner's luggage had to be removed from the aircraft and the Aviation Security Group had to run a security check once more.

As it turned out, Dufur has a lover's quarrel with his Filipino girlfriend who were vacationing in Davao. He decided to leave ahead of their August 28 flight for Kuwait where they both work. Dufur was already on the plane when he suddenly realized that he could not possibly leave without the woman he loves so he begged the crew to allow him to get off the plane.

The girl was called and the two lovers were reunited at the ASG office a few hours later said Superintendent Abad whom he spoke with and the Filipino girlfriend assured him that Dufur Mollik is a good person.

He told the couple not to fight anymore and to see him in his office before their scheduled flight on August 28. “I just want to make sure they’re together when they leave and the incident will not be repeated,” Abad said in jest.

Asked if the foreigner faced any charges, Abad said Mollik did not commit any crime so he was free to go after the investigation.

Abad said he asked PAL if it was filing a civil case against Mollik for economic loss because only half of the original passengers decided to push through with their flight, "but they too decided not to file any case."

"Who says this can only happen in the movies?" Abad Added. --- with reports from Dennis Jay Santos.

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