PAA,CEB World's Least Punctual Airline

11 January 2017

In its 2017 Annual Punctuality Report, the UK-based aviation analysts OAG highlighted the airlines and airports, both large and small, doing the most to keep your holiday on schedule and two of the Philippine-based carriers top the lists as one of the carriers that flies late most of the time.

Cebu Pacific Air (CEB)ranked seventh-least punctual in the world, with an On Time Performance (OTP) of 57.6 percent.

“On time,” as defined in the study, is a flight that arrives or departs no later than 15 minutes from the scheduled time.

Philippines AirAsia (PAA), meanwhile is ranked ninth, with a 58 percent OTP.

Least Punctual Airline Globally

10. Xiamen Airlines Company                         - 58.3%
9.  Philippines AirAsia Inc.                      - 58.0%
8.  Sunwing Airlines Inc.                                   - 57.9%
7.  Cebu Pacific Air                                      - 57.6%
6.  SATA International-Azores Airlines S.A. - 57.1%
5.  Indonesia AirAsia X                                      - 56.8%
4.  LACSA-Lineas Aereas Costarricenses       - 54.2%
3.  Shenzhen Airlines                                          - 53.5%
2.  AVIOR Airlines                                               - 53.1%
1.  Air Inuit                                                            - 44.6%

Congestion at either origin or destination airports has been blamed by these airlines for its low score, with Manila International Airport (NAIA) operating beyond capacity requiring airlines to expect delays.


  1. That shouldn't be a surprised with regards to Cebu Pacific. 2 hour delay is not uncommon with that carrier.

  2. Air Inuit of Nunavut,Canada is understandable because its flying over the Arctic Region and the airport runway is always covered by snow with a normal freezing temp of -50°c..but for Air Asia Philippines and Cebu Pacific..air traffic congestion?? Do they have a better alibi? When i was in hongkong amd malaysia this two carriers are also late to depart by 2 hours.

  3. what is not shown here is philippine airlines with a 61% rate, not far from #10.

  4. Are Cebu Pacific and other companies worth the low prices if flights are so much delayed? I hope they are safe at least!